Game online Clever FleppieSimple games in the browser are the best way to pass the time. It is noteworthy that they work not only on a personal computer, but also on any mobile device with an Internet connection. The number of such projects is incalculable, but even among them there are “mammoths”. For example, the well-known Flappy Bird, the excitement around which lasted only a few months.

In 2014 Flappy Bird became a phenomenon. An unpretentious flash game with speed training and reaction about the stubborn bird became the most downloaded free game in the AppStore. But the popularity of Flappy Bird did not last long: at the height of its popularity, it was removed from the AppStore and Google Play. However, the fascinating idea was not forgotten. Clever Fleppie continues the tradition of a stubborn bird.

The gameplay is identical to the original Flappy Bird, but now we have to manage the smart guy flying through the library. Our hero will be blocked by the mountains of books that need to be flown.

The yellow bird was tearing forward to earn medals. The hero’s motivation is sublime. He met his princess and flies to her on the wings of love through bookblocks. Distract from everyday affairs and help the young man overcome obstacles to his love, combining leisure with the development of the speed of reaction.

Gameplay and design

Online game Clever FleppieThe mechanics are simple and allow you to train the reaction and concentration. The hero flies through piles of books, with the help of jerks falling into the gaps between them. Control is in the mouse click. During the clique, the Eggman jumps up, and then falls down under the influence of gravity. For each passed stack of books is awarded a point. The description is simple, but in reality everything is not so simple. To achieve significant results, you will have to show concentration and reaction speed.

The visual part is made in the spirit of old platformers with the use of flash technology – simple pixel graphics and bright colors. In the simplicity and fascination of gameplay, design and musical accompaniment, and almost hypnotic charm of the Clever Flappy. In addition, it is also an excellent training of assiduity.

Flash games on the reaction

Gameplay Clever FleppieVarious flash games at speed, similar to the Clever Flappy, help to kill time. But this is not the only advantage of the Clever Flappy and similar projects:

tracking the position of the hero and the movement of stacks of books develops the ability to concentrate;
the correct calculation of the time of the next breakthrough ensures the development of reaction during the game;
high concentration allows you to get rid of unnecessary thoughts for a while.
Thus, Cleopatra Fleppie improves perception and helps to unload thoughts during difficult exercises. A five-minute break for Clever Floppy will make classes more productive and improve concentration.

Platform Miniclip Games offers a worthy way to play games for the development of reaction and concentration. Selected projects, assembled in a handy catalog. Fresh news, constant updates of the assortment and notifications about the latest game events provide a comfortable leisure.

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