Game Animation Throwdown TQFCAnimation Throwdown TQFC is an excellent game for fans of cartoons and fans of card competitions. The project in its essence does not offer something revolutionary, but thanks to its existence one can observe the combination of five super-popular cartoons, which are watched by hundreds of millions of people of our planet. The goal is simple – you need to collect character cards, improve decks and create combinational attacks that allow you to win in epic confrontations. What kind of cartoons were taken as the basis for this card masterpiece?

Griffins – sitcom, which tells of a family consisting of two parents, three children and a sensible dog. The action takes place in the fictional city of Cuahog, where numerous events develop that make you laugh uncontrollably. The feature of the cartoon is in the so-called frames, which do not affect the plot, but they contain controversial jokes about taboo topics. This animated series and bribes – he can make fun of anything, but without crossing the line.

Bob’s snack is a comic animated series, which tells about a man who can cook delicious hamburgers. He and his family have a snack bar, located not in the most favorable place. Yes, and the service in it sometimes suffers. But, despite the difficulties, the bizarre bean and his family are confident in the success of their business. There are many interesting and amusing situations with which they are pleasant to observe.

Futurama is a legendary illustration. The main character Fry by chance gets into the future for a thousand years ahead. There he meets faithful friends – one-eyed Lila and out of the mind robot Bender. Together, they experience adventures and various life situations related to space travel and the characteristics of personalities of heroes.

American daddy – a masterpiece from the creators of the Griffins. This project clearly demonstrates satirical humor against the backdrop of the life of an almost ordinary American family. Everything that happens revolves around the Smith family, which consists of four people, a talking fish and a stranger. The basis for jokes is pop culture, religion, politics and other topics that find a response in society and give the cartoon popularity.

King of the Hill – once a popular animation project, telling about the life of Texas residents. Among the main characters: Hank Hill, who is just a middle-aged man and father, Peggy, Hank’s wife, niece Luanna, throwing underwear in the most inappropriate places, and son Bobby, who was not lucky to be fat in his teens. Ten years ago, the animated series was awarded the title of one of the best shows in the history of the magazine Time.

So differently mixed comedies in one game

Play Animation Throwdown TQFC onlineAnimation Throwdown TQFC skillfully combined all the best that the listed shows gave us. This is a collectible card game in which the heroes of as many as five favorite cartoon-sitcoms appear for the first time. There are hundreds of cards and combinations with the participation of legendary characters. The plot has more than twenty chapters, during which time and there are places from the best episodes. Multiplayer arena allows you to challenge any player. And, of course, the endless humor will not let you get bored!

Anyone can download the game on android. After its appearance, many began to search for secrets, guides, learn how to hack the customer and get money. But if the first two aspirations are noble, then the last is a waste of time. Khaki, hacking, like fashion – a complete deception, not worth a penny.

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