Free game Ghost Recon: WildlandsThe action takes place in Bolivia. The map is divided into sectors, each of which has both story missions and side ones (they are, of course, pretty funny, but of the same type). Although the system requirements are high, but it’s worth it – the graphics are excellent.

The game world is open, and you want to explore it. To travel around Bolivia there is a mass of transport – cars, motorcycles and even helicopters. But here the management of this transport somewhere at the level of WatchDogs (that is, no).

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The plot does not shine with originality. A tramp with a strange nickname “Dreamer” decided to create a “promised land” for bad people, and as a basis took a wonderful country to Bolivia. After numerous murders of politicians, military men and journalists, the state realized that with the Dreamer, jokes are bad, and went on a deal. And because the USA does not tolerate injustice and evil, they send a special-purpose squad there, which must eliminate the dreamer Dreamer.

Game process

Online game Ghost Recon: WildlandsThe passage is a gradual destruction of local scoundrels. This we will do until we force the Dreamer to join the game. There is an opportunity to eliminate it, and his dreams – with him.

The game presents a mass of weapons for every taste – from pistols to sniper rifles. Proceeding from this, there are many ways of accomplishing the same tasks:

Storm. Probably the easiest (and fun) way. Just go and shoot at everything that moves.
Stealth. It’s more interesting here (especially if you’re playing with friends). For covert passage, there are all (noiseless methods of killing in close combat, silencers, etc). Perhaps the greatest minus of covert passage is the disappearing corpses. No romance and intrigue. Let’s hope that the developers will soon correct this defect.
To release Bolivia from bad characters, we will be in the company of 3 bots (their place can take and your friends, if you have them). The game provides the opportunity for tactical passage by giving orders to comrades. Just do not get carried away with the order “Synchronous shot”, it almost chit and kills all the pleasure from the game.

To sum up

New game Ghost Recon: WildlandsTomClancy’sGhostRecon: Wildlands is a project that is quite useful to brighten up some evenings (how long it will take the passage depends only on you). There is everything you need for fun:

Discoveries of the world with beautiful detail and graphics;
A lot of weapons and ways to kill enemies;
The price bites a bit (you can buy it in the incentive), but the game is really worth it.

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