Dungeon Hero: Preview of the gameAll of us at least once in my life let us think about why developers of video games stuff dull dungeons into their creations? After all, usually – it’s dark and deliberately unpleasant caves, where in silent expectation the monsters froze, the only purpose of which is to wait for the player and die from his sharp sword? Firefly Studios decided to look at the problem from the other side.

Therefore, the action of their game called Dungeon Hero will occur exclusively in the dungeons. But – no, this is not the standard set of corridors, ending with a shining treasure chest. Here in the dungeon there is a whole city built by the most, that is, the green goblins. Usually the player, looking at the small creature of this breed, first of all wants to knock out to him a pair of teeth and at the same time cut the throat. But, again, not in Dungeon Hero. Here the main character (he’s also a huge bald-smashed man-man) will, on the contrary, help the goblins!

Free Dungeon Hero: Preview of the game

In general, initially the protagonist was recruited by goblins alone to help them in the war against other goblins (h-hell, why does the word “goblin” have not a single sint of synonym?). No sooner had the Bald Thunderbolt cut off a couple of dozen green guys, as one goblin miner dug out a sinister rift, where at once all sorts of evil dudes jumped out (well, I mean “monsters”) and began to wet everyone indiscriminately. They say that these monsters are controlled by Death itself. Well, actually, and the whole zavyazochka. The hero quickly retrained and now exterminates not the goblins, but the creatures from the breach. The essence is the same – ruby ​​and kromsay – only the enemies are different. http://www.miniclipgamez.com/categories/27/rpg-.html

The developers promise to make the hometown of the Hobnik (sorry, goblins) Goldstar (Goldstar), as possible as lively and interesting. Goldstar will be divided into four districts, each of which has a certain class of goblins. For example, in one will live the so-called “clergy” – shamans and priests, and in the other – bandits, scoundrels, scum and other robbers.

The role system can not boast of complexity. Yes, the character will pump the level, learn new strokes and skills, but in general perks do not focus. Boevka – similarly, super-insignificant combos for 200 strokes should not be expected. The only innovation – for more powerful attacks Bald Thunderer requires more space, so if the enemies come too close – they have to shove the shield, legs and other improvised items. Well, finally, the developers have prepared several bloody fatalities.

Play Dungeon Hero: Preview of the gameGraphics of special heights do not conquer. The lion’s share of the processor’s power will go to the generation of the environment, so the task of the visual component of the project is not to irritate the eye. With a view, we dare to assure, she copes – cartoon characters and cities are pretty nice and pleasant.

Well, a new look at old things is always interesting. Moreover, Dungeon Hero promises to show the goblin life, as they say, under a microscope. Will we get something good from this venture – we’ll find out next year.

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